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Every human being has different expectations in life but in order to get the most out of a destination, you must do a lot of research. Having a resource that provides you itineraries, locations and shares a holiday experience is crucial. That is because a lot of the time, our resources, such as time & money, are limited.

I am offering you useful information and advice about the places that I have seen and know. This is my way of giving back and through this, I want to build a community of diversity and everyone is welcomed. What is the first thing you look up when you choose a destination? What do you want/need to know?

Cinematic Videos

The future of content creation is represented by videos. This is also proven by the growth of some websites/apps. In fact some platforms that support video upload skyrocketed in the number of users. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and now TikTok have millions and millions of daily users. Video content is special in a way that it is able to connect better with the viewer.

I have started a short series of videos from my travels. My travel series not only provides useful information but also, it lets you see how each destination really is.

Drone Photography

Aerial photography has something special about it.
An aerial photographer has to deal with different kind of obstacles in order to get the perfect shot. That makes it even more valuable. When capturing aerial shots, you have to make sure that you follow some safety rules. That because once the drone has left its home point, you have to pay attention to everything around it.

The result will be a photograph or a video that will leave you speechless. There are only a few things in the world that can compare to seeing the cities, oceans, mountains and roads from above.

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