25hours Hotel – The Royal Bavarian, fun and vibrant hotel in Munich, Germany

It was my second time staying at a 25hours Hotels location and I already felt like I am part of the squad and of the phenomenon that they are creating.

Each hotel has its own theme that matches the city/neughbourhood. You feel like one of their own because the staff is super friendly, young at heart, ready to help you with anything.

Location of the 25hours Hotel

Like every 25hours Hotel, The Royal Bavarian has a central location near Hauptbahnhof. To be more specific, right behind Munich Central Station, next to the Post office. You will find a great car park option at 7 minutes away, Contipark Stachus, you will pay about 20-25 EUR/day. 

Breakfast at The Royal Bavarian

The best feeling during this time is being able to serve a buffet breakfast. Here, solutions were found to keep things safe and the food options were unlimited (almost, haha). You could even ask to have shaksuka prepared for you! The tables were set in such a way to respect the distance and while picking your food you had to wear gloves.

The room interior at 25hours Hotel

The design does accentuate dark colored walls specific to the location. You have lots of hangers to hang your planned outfits or jackets. In the room there is a classic typing machine and a few other elements that complete the design overall.

There is a safe, a closet and a mini bar with a few snacks and drinks “on the house”.  The room has a smart TV that will allow you to watch almost anything you want, even from your phone using AirPlay and I thought that was really awesome. Every room has a wireless bluetooth speaker and a stuffed animal as a symbol of the hotel, for this location, a swan is represented in The Royal Bavarian rooms. The bed, no surprise, was really comfortable.


Here I did like the matte black high quality accents, the toiletry items, hair dryer and everything else you already know. The standard is the same at every 25hours location. 


The entrance is really cool but you will find the reception at the first floor. I really love the way everything is set. At the first floor you will be able to explore the different paths that will take you to the Boilerman Bar, to a separate space where you can relax and read a book or an encyclopedia, or you can look over the breakfast area. I will let you discover everything else!


At the ground floor of The Royal Bavarian you will find NENI. A restaurant where you will serve your breakfast in the morning but also a place where you can go to grab lunch, dinner or catch up with your friends for a drink. It looks quite unique and photos don’t do it enough justice.


It might not always be like that (I might be lucky) but I had the sauna all to myself. You will find it at the last floor and you will be provided with a robe at the reception if you ask for one. There is a mid-sized dry wood sauna and you can pour water on the stones to make the steam stronger. But the sauna isn’t everything, you can go on the balcony to relax (from here you can see the inner part of the hotel and enjoy the sun) or just stay inside, everything is all set.

There are also some windows that will allow you to peek at the street. What I found to be nice is that in this area there are free beverages such as flavored water, multiple tea options so you can prepare your own. Spending one our here will make all your tiredness go away.

The check out is at 12 o’clock and if you want, they can store your luggage. That way you get to explore the city a few more hours until you leave the city. 

Fun, open minded, friendly hotels: 25hours Hotels.

Come as you are, they make your stay 
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