5 colour LUTS Australia Inspired for your travel photos and Instagram (FREE)

Wether it’s good or bad, with the rise of Instagram, we’ve started paying more attention to how we edit our photos. Apps were made to help people edit their best Instagram photos & videos. Paid apps are getting quite successful by being most used by those who want their feed to look perfect.

What is too much?

Some argue that by editinga photo too much, you lose the raw & natural beauty of the landscapes. Others even say that reality is now distorted. People end up being disappointed when they arrive at a certain location. Because that doesn’t look as it did on social media.

I think we should all be aware that some places don’t look like they do in photos with or without editing. Sometimes places look better in photographs, while sometimes they look worse.

The one who took the photo sees the place in a different way than the one that is looking at it.

We all have our individual perspectives. Knowing how to edit photos is a strong asset for you or for your portofolio. It is a skill that takes both talent and hard work.

Australia inspired

After my one month adventure in Australia, I felt inspired to create my own LUTs that portray the colors of each city that I’ve seen in OZ. LUTs.(colour lut filters inspired by australian cities for instagram)

What are LUTs?

The name comes from Look Up Table.

Which is a file that has the ability to change one range of colors to another range.

At first, they were only used to make films more cinematic and to change the colors in videos. Now, they are being used to edit Instagram content as well. With that being said… I created some new effects that you can use on your own photos/videos. I have created colour lut filters inspired by australian cities for instagram

These LUTs are suitable for any location

This filter pack is to be used on any location that you like, even if they bear the name of Australian cities.

The cities that I was inspired by, are:

5 Colour options

Sydney – this one has an intense blue film effect that is great to use for skies, water and modern buildings.

Melbourne – this is great to use on hystorical buildings or to give things a more mature/aged feeling.

Byron Bay – while this one is not a strong filter, it translates the relaxed feel of the life at the beach and life lived on adventures.

Brisbane – probably the one that can be used for anything. It enhances the colors while keeping it professional and not oversaturated.

Gold Coast – the yellow hue I used for this one works amazing on beaches and buildings as well.

You can download them HERE.

You can use them in Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier, Davinci, or any programs that work with the .cube format.

Make sure to tag me on Instagram or send me the photos/videos you edited with any of these filters. Can’t wait to see your posts!


Lawyer, at the begining of my career. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t like to travel and this passion for exploring took me to all continents. I am now trying to give back the precious knowledge that came through every learning experience in my lifelong journey.

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Mary · June 8, 2020 at 10:15 pm

Hey! Faine filtrele, insa am o mica nelamurire: cum le instalez in lightroom?

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