Hotel Hilton Munich City, Rosenheimer Str, Munich, Germany

We all heard about one of the largest hotel brands in the world: Hilton. With more than 500 hotels and resorts all around the world, it needs no other introduction as everyone already knows of their high standards and quality of services.

Hotel Hilton Munich City

In Munich you will find two Hilton hotels. One of which is Hilton Munich City and the other one being Hilton Munich Park that has recently won the World Travel Award as Germany’s leading business hotel 2020, but we’ll talk about that maybe in the future. Today I will focus my review and presentation on the first location mentioned.

The neighborhood

Hilton Munich City is located in the central area of the city but you would be surprised of how peaceful everything is around it, plus you have the Rosenheimer Platz S-Bahn station very close to you so exploring the city will be so much easier. I love staying at hotels that are nearby public transport stations because as soon as I am done with my plans and I feel tired, all I want to do is to get to my hotel room and relax. In the area you will find quite a few places where you can go and grab something delicious to eat. You will be surrounded by beautiful architecture and you’ll be able to relax in one of the parks nearby and admire the nature unfold in the middle of the city.

First impression of Hilton Munich City

I was impressed even before arriving there because I saw the signs at the subway station that guided me to Hilton Munich City and the outside of the hotel looked really nice, the exterior design features reddish stone and large black poles, you can also see the restaurant’s terrace right before the entrance and there is also enough space for a car or a taxi to pull up in front of the hotel if you have heavy luggage. I was already convinced that this hotel is huge.

Warm welcome

We felt very welcomed here, the staff is super professional, there are some procedures that are followed and everything is by the book, just as it should be. The staff was magnificent, they helped us with every information that we needed and the check in process went smoothly.

Long hallways

After checking in, we went to our room. We took the elevator and went up the 4th floor, the hallways are really impressive and they look really elegant, perfect for photos too. 

The Room at Hotel Hilton Munich City

The room is pretty spacious and its design is very elegant and business-like. I enjoyed having huge windows that let the light in, the bed was incredibly comfortable


In the bathroom the design keeps the same elegant note but what I really loved was the fact that the shower head has a strong jet and the water gets really hot very fast and I for one, I like taking hot showers in the evening.

Wonderful breakfast and dinner location

The breakfast area is beautiful, you will be greeted by the staff they will give you information about the breakfast. A great breakfast in the morning will for sure make your day 10x better. Bonus tip: try their cakes, they are absolutely delicious. 


The lobby area is amazing and it is surprisingly big featuring a wonderful design. A design with gold accents, inspiring me to take some really cool business photos (I could easily use them on LinkedIn haha).

A hotel for business people but also perfect for those who enjoy elegance.

Fancy a drink? – Get it at Juliet Rose Bar, this area really compliments the lobby as well, continuing with the same design style. 

Never skip your workout!

Hilton Munich City has one of the best hotel gyms that I have ever seen. You don’t need to worry, you won’t lose your fitness progress, unless you skip working out! There are plenty equipment options so you can train every muscle group.

This is most certainly a hotel that will make you want to book your stay here again and again.

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