Things to do in Munich, Germany. Stay at Hotel Cocoon Hauptbahnhof. What to eat. Take great photos of the city.

Munich, the capital and the largest state of Bavaria. A city and a place that I start to consider to be my second home. This feeling amplifies with every chance that I get to come back to it. When I first arrived in Munich, I remember how confused I was because of the complexity of it. There are so many streets, not knowing German also played a role in that. I was also confused with the public transport because I did not understand the difference between S-Bahn and U-bahn so it took me a while before I really knew how to get around.

This won’t be your perfect guide on what to do/see in Munich, there are already plenty of articles that are covering the subject. This will be an article that will let you discover three basic topics that are essential for any trip or holiday anywhere. Where to stay, what to see, where to eat. These are the three topics that we will cover today.

Getting around

You can get to Munich pretty easily from anywhere in Europe, even if you choose to drive or hop on a train. Due to the current travel restrictions, I did not mention coming to Munich by plane because there are many uncertainties around it. If we are to pursue our dream of travelling, we should take all safety measures to protect ourselves and those around us.

I. Accommodation at Hotel Cocoon

In Munich, there are plenty of accommodation options from cheap hostels to the most luxurious hotels but today I want to talk about one of my favorite hotels: Cocoon Hauptbahnhof. This is the perfect hotel if you are planning a city-break in the heart of Bavaria. As the name already gives it away, this hotel is very close to the Munich Central Station which is amazing!

Hotel Cocoon Hauptbahnhof

Depending on the city, I always try to book a hotel near the public means of transportation. I would much rather save time and explore more of the city than to walk 30 minutes to the nearest bus/metro/tram station. That is the first big plus of Cocoon Hauptbahnhof: it is only a few minutes away from the Central Station and with that being said, from there you can get to pretty much anywhere in the city. There are three Cocoon Hotels in Munich but the one that I stayed at is on the Mittererstrasse 9

Your alpine getaway

This particular hotel will give you the feeling that you are enjoying an alpine getaway. My room had a Jagermeister theme and you will be as amazed as I was when you see the photos. Everywhere around you starting from the reception, you will see the alpine accents, a mountain wallpaper, natural wood, a ski lift gondola, a cow print chair and even some fake grass. 

The sixth floor room was one of the most beautiful hotel rooms that I ever stayed at. Believe me, I have seen hundreds of hotel rooms travelling multiple times a year. The fact that it was a thematic room made the experience even cooler (psst. at the seventh floor I spotted an Almdudler themed room so you might want to look into that). We had two bathrooms, a bedroom and a livingroom so we pretty much had an apartment haha. 

About the room & lobby

As I mentioned, not only the room was special, so was the lobby because there I found a fireplace, a great selection of books, a pretty generous place to relax especially if you find yourself travelling during the winter holidays. The alpine elements certainly made an impression on me. In the lobby you can store your luggage in a cable car. There are two chairlifts that you can sit on. Right in front of the hotel, you will see a bench made out of skis.

Breakfast time at hotel Cocoon Hauptbahnhof

II. Visuals

I tried finding places that are not so popular and also tried capturing different angles of well-known locations in the city.

You will see some of the places in this blog post but you can also check them out on Instagram by searching this hashtag #AdrianInMunich.

Endless Stairs

Vienna Square



III. Where to eat?

I am not one to take photos of my meal but I will leave here some places with absolutely delicious food that I got to try while I was in Munich.

  1. Slurp Noodlebar (your favorite japanese food) – Prielmayerstraße 3
  2. King Louie (awesome shakes and bugers) – Kazmairstraße 37
  3. FUGAZI (amazing pizza) – Wittelsbacherstraße 15
  4. QTEA (who does not love bubble tea?) – Augustenstraße 52
Have you ever been to Munich or do you plan to come to Munich anytime soon?
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