Best places to take photos in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

When I was searching for informations about Hervey Bay, I did not find many articles. Most people were only focused on going to Fraser Island from Hervey Bay. We arrived here at Christmas time and Fraser Island was not an option because we did not have enough time for this activity. I did try to find the best locations for photos in Hervey Bay.

It is obviously not as famous/vibrant as Brisbane, Sydney or Byron Bay but it certainly has its charm, it has a Queensland specific energy and it feel different.

Hervey Bay in pictures

1. Uragan Pier – This is a stunning location, I even launched my drone from here and there are many photo and video opportunities. At the beginning of the pier there is a sign that greets you and you are also able to read some lines about this location.

2. Point Vernon – Here you will be able to see and photograph the kangaroos that roam freely around people’s houses. You have to take an Uber to get there because public transport here it is kind of nonexisting. Continue to search for the kangaroos even if you don’t see them at first. Try not to scare them and keep your distance. 

3. Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens – you need about two hours for this one.

4. Sandy White Memorial Park – this is nearby Point Vernon with lots of vegetation and places to sit down, you can photograph the paths and the ocean.

5. Dayman Park

6. Torquay Beach – One of the most known beaches in Hervey Bay

7. Esplanade street – you will be able to photograph the shops and pedestrians in the most popular area of the city.

Around Hervey Bay

8. Fraser Island seen from afar – From Uragan Pier you can see Fraser Island and using my drone I managed to capture some cool images. 

9. Big Woody Island and Round Island can also be seen from Uragan Pier and horizon photos will look quite nice.

10. Photography the whales from a boat if you happen to be here at the right time and season.

11. Go on a cruise to see the sunset above the water and maybe spot the whales.


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