• What is an AR Filter?

Augmented reality filters are computer generated effects layered over the image of your camera displays. In Instagram Stories, an AR filter alters the image that is being shot from the front or the back camera of your device. It can then add animations, change colours, put frames and other 3d objects.

  • Where do I find these filters?

You can find them on the profile of users that have a face icon after their feed and IGTV icon. Otherwise, you can find new filters by going to your story camera and swiping throgh the filters are preinstalled by Instagram, until you see the icon that suggests to browse effects.

  • Can I use any filter?

Yes, you can use anYes, you can use any filter you like, since they are free to use. When posting the stories, below your username, the name of the filter and the author’s will be displayed.

  • Can you make a filter for me?

Of course, just contact me and we can create the right filter for your profile.

  • How can I use this filters?

Below I have listed some of the filters I created. All of them can be accessed and used by going to my IG profiles (@adriangirbovean and @australiaproject) or you by clicking on the photo of the filter and it will give you a link to access it from Instagram mobile application (you can’t see them from your laptop/pc). NOTE: if the photo does not have a link, just click on the Instagram handle and that should take you to the right place for these filters.


A) Colour filters

click on each account to see every filter

– from adriangirbovean:

– from australiaproject:

B) Frames

C) Random animations

D) Camera styles

E) Face mask

This list will be updated soon! I have created several face filters including versions with tattoos, crowns, sunglasses and more.