Melbourne seen from a hot air balloon – see the city in another way

Flying in a hot air balloon – another way to see Melbourne

We arrived in Melbourne after a 12h coach ride with Greyhound. I was already quite tired. I knew that the next 3 to 4 days will be even more tiring so I had to have a solid schedule.

The city of Melbourne is immense, and being so spread out with its suburbs, it is nearly impossible to see it all in under one week.

I did not want to miss the MUST sees and dos so planning was needed.

A unique thing to do

On Instagram, I’ve seen that you can go above the city and admire the scenery from a hot air balloon. My first reaction was ‘wow’ because I have never been on a hot air balloon before. Nothing compares to seeing a city from above. I mean, that’s the best way to see it and to realize how it has come to life. I already had an idea on how it would look from above . And that’s thanks to my drone that I had flown in multiple locations. Surreal!

Melbourne is one of the few cities around the world that can be traversed by hot air balloon and definitely one of the best ways to see Australia’s second largest city!

I could not leave Melbourne without being a part of this experience. So I contacted Global Air Balloon and booked a ride for the last day in the city. This was the one thing that has completely changed what I thought about Melbourne.

Melbourne from above

Hot Air Ballon experience with Global Air Ballooning

Global Air Ballooning is a family owned business that strives to offer quality before quantity. I have to thank Erin for all of her help because their marketing team is very responsive.

They were super helpful and I found out everything I wanted to know. Their site is user friendly and I managed to book the balloon ride in a couple of minutes.

Every information that was important to know before taking off was sent to me as an email. They are very up to date with their technology and they have an actual app that will send you notifications about your flight, weather and the meeting point.

The sunrise will put a spell on you

Catching the sunrise above Melbourne isn’t an easy job, I had to meet the staff and the rest of the group at 3:30 AM at the Pullman in Park hotel.

Being so early in the morning and having no public transport option at that hour, I got an Uber to meet everyone at the set location. I was greeted by the staff that made sure that everything goes according to the plan.

Hot air balloon sunrise

What happens before the flight?

I waited for 5-10 minutes in the hotel lobby and then we got in the cars to go to our launch site.

When we got in the cars, we got the chance to interact with the balloon pilot. He explained everything really well and he was also making everyone laugh.

It all comes to good weather

We first stopped and checked that the weather was good for taking off. And they (the employees) took so many precaution and safety measures in order to protect our well-being.

Launching hot air balloon

Before taking off

The take off took place in a park. It was a very peaceful and quiet place that looked like it was made for this type of launch.

It was nice that we got involved in the process before the takeoff. We helped the team get the balloon ready. The daylight was slowly showing up so we eventually got off the ground and started our ascend to the sky.

Up in the air

The sun was catching all sorts of shades and colours that were looking so surreal. Without it, nothing would have looked as beautiful as it did. Luckily for us, we had the best weather, even better than the crew expected (from what they said). As proof, we have now on our devices, the most beautiful photos and videos. It brings me such a joy just looking at them and remembering this unique experience.

Hot air balloon

This was the perfect definition of quality time, we weren’t rushed and we had the best 60 minutes ever. In the air, we felt like this would never end, but in a good way. The flight was so smooth and the view just added something else to the feeling of being up in the air. We had plenty of time to fully enjoy this activity.

Is it worth it?

Word’s can’t express how truly magical was to be a few hundred meters above the city. If you haven’t yet tried it, you’re missing out. This is something that you should do at least once in a lifetime.

We were 10 people in the balloon but there was enough room for everyone to move around. That made it possible to take photos and to be able to enjoy the view comfortably.

The landing

As we approached the one hour mark, we were almost at the end of our aerial adventure and we started the descend. We landed in a different park than the one where we took off and all of the crew and balloons came down at the same place. The group, me and the crew helped to deflate the baloon and to wrap it all up and put it on the platform. The landing was way smoother than I was expecting it to be. It was a fun thing to do, a team activity that brought so much more uniqueness than you would expect.

After everything was put away and we were ready to go, we also took some group photos.

Is it over?

We were already awake for many hours and kind of tired because the night before we haven’t slept much since we had to pack our bags up because we were going to leave Melbourne on the same day as our balloon flight. We got back with the whole team at the Pullman in Park hotel and we had breakfast (I highly suggest that you also go for the breakfast after the ride because you will enjoy it so much more).

You might say that I am exaggerating but the breakfast was so so good! You had plenty of food and drink options & variety. They also had quite a few different desserts and a warm asian food buffet.

Enjoying a good breakfast

This is to further emphasise the quality standard that Pullman in Park hotel has imposed. It is a very nice and well arranged space and with an amazing kitchen. Compliments to the chefs and everyone cooking there!

We made friends with the other people that were flying in the same balloon with us. We laughed, had a great talk, had lots of fun.

At the end, the team gave us all a certificate with our name on it, to attest that we flew with them. It was a great way to make us even more pleased with the experience.

The breakfast isn’t included in the regular ticket but I think that you should add it because it is a very wonderful way to end your whole journey.

Global hot air balloon diploma

Just hop on

I saw on their website that they have balloon flights in Yarra Valley too. If it wasn’t for my already built itinerary, I would have had a really hard time choosing to fly over Melbourne or over the beautiful hills in Yarra Valley.

You can book your tickets online straight from their website. They have flight all year round if the weather conditions are good.

Have you ever experienced being in a hot air ballon?

How was it?


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