Hotel Stadt Rosenheim in Munich, Germany

Hotel Stadt Rosenheim is a family run hotel, and it hosts people since 1890. Now it welcomes you with a cool design and wonderful services.

There are some things I always search for in a hotel: to feel welcomed, to have a special and different design and of course to have a great location near the important means of transportation.

The Ostbahnhof station is right in front of the hotel Rosenheim and with that being said, it will be so much easier for you to go around the city

I want to begin this article by talking about the great staff that was extremely welcoming. They answered all of my questions and told me everything I needed to know about the breakfast and free soft drinks at the reception. Every staff member was truly trying to help us have the best hotel stay.

Hotel Rosenheim stands out because of its unique design

The interior design inside the hotel is spectacular and all seven floors have an extremely beautiful wall art type of wallpaper and every stair is covered by a wine-red carpet. The rooms have a different, unique and really special design that changes depending on what type of room you book.

The room

As soon as you enter the room you see the large windows that uncover a beautiful autumn sight. The bed has crisp white sheets, the walls are beautifully decorated. You have a nice TV, a tablet that will allow you to read/see things about the hotel and not only. You also have a comfortable armchair, ambient lights and overall you will stay in a great sized room. 

The classic & elegant design of the bathroom goes along with the L’Occitane soap, shower gel & body lotion that you have at your disposal. The water gets hot right away so you can enjoy a warm shower after exploring the city.

Rosenheim Hotel pays attention to details in a way that I haven’t noticed before

The internet connection was spectacular, fast & stable. Best I ever had at a hotel.

Everything feels safe & clean about the hotel. The breakfast room is actually enchanting. You can relax while looking out the window and enjoying a great meal. That is an amazing start of the day!

I could write so many great things about this family owned design hotel, but I would love for you to discover it next time you are in Munich.

By booking through their website, you can get special discounts, you can read more about that here.


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