Going to Australia was going to be even more special because I was going to spend the New Year’s Eve there.

Even though I did not give much importance to this holiday, not as much as the society does, I still had to pick a city to be in on those days. Brisbane to be.

At first, I was supposed to be in Hervey Bay for the New Year. But it became quite clear that that wasn’t a good option. One of the reasons being that I was only using Greyhound coaches to get around and I did not have a car.

After going over the plan a few more times, I chose to spend the New Year in Brisbane. The city in which I initially never intended to spend the night.

Brisbane, Queensland

At first I wanted to go to Brisbane just as a day trip from Gold Coast. But I don’t regret spending more time here. This city is nowhere near boring as some people had previously say. You have plenty of things to do while you are here.

The New Year festivities were amazing because they even had a firework show at 8 p.m. for the families that had small children. We’ve arrived on the 31st but luckily for us, our accommodation wasn’t that far away.

Our hotel was somewhere in Spring Hill and the road was quite inclined and took an effort to carry the luggage to the accommodation. The place was nicer than we expected it to be.

We did not have a lot of time to relax because we had to eat & get ready to go out. Even if in Australia the situation was kind of bad with the fires, with some people losing their lives, homes being burnt entirely and the loss of so much wildlife, everyone had hopes that 2020 will bring peace and power to recover.

New Year’s Eve in Brisbane

When you think of Australia, you think of the fabulous fireworks in Sydney near the Opera House. This being a symbol of Australia, which is the first country to celebrate the New Year.

I always watched on TV Australia entering the New Year and now this was a dream that came true. First things first, I went to watch the 8 p.m. fireworks, around the …. bridge.

On the official website of Brisbane you could see the whole schedule and spots that were amazing to go and see the fireworks. After the first show, I explored the city some more and I figured out how the whole city is structured.

While I took a walk starting from the bridge, I could notice the people sitting at the tables at the restaurants in the area. The music was loud and everyone was in the mood to party.

There was an hour left before the clock struck 12 so I had to find a good spot to admire the New Year firework show.

It slightly started to rain but I found the perfect place so I could even sit down and it also had something resembling a roof.

… not to even mention: it was an amazing spot to take photos from.

Happy 2020!

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