Photo Calendar of 2020 from Australia

Photo Calendar 2020 Australia:

Most of the time, we tend to take photos vertically that being because most social media is optimized for that format and most of us spend our time on smartphones instead on computers (outside of work).


Some views are even more beautiful when you capture them horizontally, and my drone kind of proves that.

I’ve decided to create a 2020 calendar featuring photos that I took for the #AdrianDiscoversAustralia project.

Below you will find the 2020 photo calendar from Australia

Australia in pictures

01 January – Byron Bay

02 February – Gold Coast

03 March – Byron Bay

04 April – Rainbow Beach

05 May – Melbourne

06 June – Newcastle

07 July – Brisbane

08 August – Sydney

09 September – Noosa

10 Octomber – Melbourne

11 November – Sydney

12 December – Brisbane

Here you will find a link to download this calendar at full resolution and quality.

Enjoy Australia

You can print the photos, use them as a wallpaper or just as an inspiration for your future travels.

If you want to put a personal twist on them, make sure to dm me on Instagram and I will send you the photos without any text on them.

Are you still using a physical calendar or not?


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