Hotel SerenaRustic accommodation in Badia, Dolomites Mountains in South Tyrol, Italy.

Where to stay in the heart of Dolomites Mountains?

If there was one word that summed up the whole Dolomites experience, it was spontaneity. Everyday, in the morning, we would leave the hotel and we would let the beauty of the area take us places.

Only when it used to get dark outside we would search for a place to stay.

We did not search those places months in advance. For this area, it was best to see what’s here first and not to book a room when we were at home, 1000 kilometers away.

And yes, that might have meant that we won’t find amazing places. But we still went by our gut feeling and let the beauty around us guide us.
Every couple of days, in one of our meal breaks, we would go on the Booking app and searched for a place to stay.

Even though we took a chance, we found a superb rustic accommodation right in the heart of the Dolomites mountains.

The photos we saw on Google of this location pleasantly surprised us. We then booked a room, paid by Apple Pay. And we were headed to this property to get some rest and have dinner in that city.

Driving for 100 kilometers to get there was a real pleasure because I got to drive through a beautiful forest, we had the best scenic views and a river always on the right side of the road.

After that long drive, having to go through serpentines but with that beautiful view always surrounding us, I couldn’t wait to get to the accommodation. The schedule was made in a way that we would not arrive before the check in hour.

When we finally arrived at Hotel Serena, I saw the hotel but I could not believe that this was the place that we were going to stay in.
As we entered the locality, I got a peak at a sign that was saying that that was our hotel, but it couldn’t be it, couldn’t it? It looked too good to be true.

So we passed the sign, still searching for the hotel and we eventually ended up going back to where I saw the sign, that was the actual location, wow!
The hotel is on a small hill and from there you can see the beautiful and rustic Badia. 

The access road was quite inclined but straight, a road that looked like it was taken from a fairytale.

When we arrived the parking was full but luckily, someone just left a minute after we have arrived. You will have enough space to park your car even if you have a bigger car so that’s great. I wrote an article on how to get around in the Dolomites.

When I entered the hotel lobby I instantly fell in love with the attention to details and the rustic wooden style of the location.
You should have seen how happy I was when I found out that I got a room upgrade, I instantly felt more rested.

I took the keys to the room and went straight to the elevator. I got a little confused because the door to the room was incredibly small, but after you unlocked that door, there was another door! The location was renovated and they left some elements from the old structure, as they were.

Having entered the room, I put my bags down and went on the balcony to enjoy the last hours of the sun being up that day.

I had a view towards the city, I could see the mountains and even my parked car. The view will leave you speechless. I turned on my drone and got some video footage of the things that were surrounding me. So splendid!

The room at Hotel Serena had everything that might be needed. The bed was comfortable and the temperature in the room was just right. 
When it comes to the bathroom, I can say that it was quite spacious and it had every appliances you needed. 

It was obvious that the owners of the hotel pay attention to every detail.
At the hotel, you also have a pool and a SPA with massage services and also a sauna. We didn’t have enough time to go at the pool or the SPA. We’ve seen from the outside that it looked pretty nice.

Breakfast was included in the accommodation price. So after going to Badia to get something to eat, I went to sleep and set up my alarm to catch the breakfast.

It was being served early in the morning on  the right side of the lobby. The hotel’s restaurant had the same rustic style and wooden furniture. You had plenty of breakfast options and they were even serving local specialities such as the strudel.

After putting your food on a plate and going to your table (you have a table assigned to you), a waiter would come and ask you if you need something such as a coffee, water etc. 

The staff at Hotel Serena was incredibly nice and professional and the whole place including the room were clean and welcoming.

I had booked a double room and I was upgraded to a double room with a balcony.

Where will you stay in the Dolomites?


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