The Botanical Gardens of Australia

Being addicted to the nature, meant that I will be forever in love with Australia. The diverse wildlife & the incredible and captivating nature left me in awe. That is the reason why, I knew I had to visit the botanical gardens that exist in the Australian cities that I would go to.

The relaxed atmosphere and the fact that it was convenient in all aspects, made me spend some afternoon hours in the nature, while I was still in the city.

The first botanical garden that I went to in Australia, was Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria – Melbourne Gardens

I think it is one of the biggest botanical gardens that I ever visited. It was further away from the city center, compared to the other places. I spotted lots of interesting birds and the plants were really spectacular.

The next botanical garden that I went to was the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

It is really close to the Opera House, you can easily spot it from there. You will find a lot of trees so it is perfect for sunny summer days when you want to relax in the shade. There are a lot of places and benches to sit down on. Lots of people in the city come here to run.

The Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens are of course smaller but I sure think it is worth a visit

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On Christmas Day, we were still in Hervey Bay. After walking for more than an hour, we stopped at one of the few things that were open that day: @mcdonaldsau. We had a frozen @cocacola which was amazing on that very hot day and some toasties (they are the BEST in Australia) and then we luckily found a gas station that was open so that we could buy some water and snacks for the road (we were going to Agnes Water later that day with one of the @greyhoundaustralia coaches). After doing so, we were very close to the Botanic Gardens and we decided to go inside and explore some more. The Gardens were very beautiful, they even had a lake with more than 10 turtles but we also spotted a snake 😱 – One day in Hervey Bay

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Here I saw the first snake in Australia and spotted some big spiders as well. There is a landscaped lake with many turtles in it. In the summer it gets too hot here and there aren’t that many places where you can sit down. I noticed the Asiatic inspired touches and they made this particular garden even more special.

Are you one to visit the botanical gardens when you arrive in a new city?


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