In less than two years, my hometown, Timișoara will be the European Capital of Culture. What better way to celebrate this milestone than coming up with a concept that will showcase the real feel of the city?

I created the #AdrianNearbyPlaces project over three years ago, inspired and driven by wishing to reveal the architectural and cultural heritage of the city, to people all around the world.

Building on Eugeniu de Savoya Street
Eugeniu de Savoya Street
The beginnings…

Being born and having lived in Timisoara for such a long time, I was able to see how it morphed into a city that combines accents from the long gone era with the modern influences. The photos I featured for this project are giving off the raw edge of the architecture without excessive processing. When I came up with the concept, I had no idea that Timisoara will be designated this title, but even more so, now that this is the case, this project is even more valuable in my eyes.

While improvements are still needed, some buildings are revived and restored and I made sure to catch every change that occured. I was overwhelmed by the amazing feedback I got on Instagram for creating #AdrianNearbyPlaces and by the amount of people that made sure to message me in private and congratulate me on the idea.

Some buildings are revived and restored

Because of the geographical location of the city, the winters are rather cold but without too much snow fall. When it actually snows, Timisoara looks like a fairytale land.

Also, unirii square during 2018 winter

The culture is now Instagrammable and only together we can take this project to another level.

Bulding in Maria Square
Maria Square

If you want to see more photos, make sure to go on Instagram and search for the #AdrianNearbyPlaces hashtag. I will continue to upload photos under this hashtag even after the year of 2021. Join the discussion and tell me which area/building is your favourite one.

Unirii Square
Unirii Square

Cannot wait to see what 2021 will bring to the city.

Timișoara The European Capital of Culture 2021


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