What to eat in Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia

Many would say that in Agnes Water there aren’t any good places to grab something to eat but I managed to find some that I really enjoyed, even if around Christmas many places were closed.

1. Getaway Garden Cafe – the most beautiful place, a real life oasis that even provide accommodation options. The owner is amazing and even offered to give us a ride to get closer to the place we were staying at.

2. Holidays Cafe – nice atmosphere and really happy people

3. Agnes Water Tavern – a large restaurant with various food options, you must go there.

4. Coodie’s Place – good coffee, near the beach and nice breakfast options

5. Foodworks – in small towns, grocery stores are probably the best options for you to get something to eat (they even had cooked meals)

7. What was really dissapointing was Agnes Water Bakery & Cafe. We tried the pie and it was really off, it did not taste good at all and it was probably old. Other than bread, there aren’t many options.

I wanted to give Yok Attack Thai Restaurant a try but the Google reviews kind of made me change my mind. Did you eat there?


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