Where to stay in Sydney, Australia? Veriu Green Square

It is not an easy task to find good accommodation at decent prices, not to even mention, at a hotel.

Veriu Green Square? It was perfect.

This is the ideal choice for everyone wanting to visit Sydney either for leisure or business.

Sydney is one of the most amazing cities in the world (and I’ve seen many). There are quite a few beautiful beaches, amazing places to eat (you can find so much variety), you can visit great museums or take a walk near Opera House and you can even hop on a ferry that will take you to Manly Beach for example. All of this, feels so relaxing and it is a truly incredible city.

The City of Sydney

Sydney is the biggest city in Australia and it is much bigger than many cities in other parts of the world. Truth be told, being such an important city and business hub, accommodation can get quite expensive. This is no secret, and the proof was in the fact that the budget to book a room in other Australian cities, was way smaller.

When was I in Sydney?

I’ve spent more days in Sydney than in any other city in Australia, but that wasn’t enough because there are so many things to see and do.

I have spent my winter holiday here and what a joy, in Australia it was summer! I arrived in Sydney at the beginning of December and after going to other cities on the East coast, I returned to Sydney on the 5th of January and left on the 10th.

The reason why I ended up going to Sydney twice was because I have booked the flights from Europe and return, from here. At first I spent 2 days here and then I came back for 5 amazing days at the end of my Australian adventure.

Veriu Green Square

I’ve booked a room at Veriu Green Square for the second part of being in Sydney.

The hotel chain Veriu was looking pretty good having an impressive hotel portofolio in Sydney. Green Square is the newest of the hotels and it only opened recently, but I have booked it 6 months in advance, long before it was actually open.

Being a new hotel, I knew that it should be in pristine condition. In the worst case scenario, they wouldn’t have finished the work until I came (the opening was delayed for a while), but that happily wasn’t the case.

Veriu Green Square is right around the corner of the Green Square metro station.

It is a strategically placed hotel because it is right in the middle distance of getting to the airport and the downtown.

How was the room?

I had a room which was a hotel suite, that had a very comfortable double bed. The big windows made the view from here even more beautiful. At both sides of the bed you have USB plugs. That will save if you don’t have an Australian charger adaptor.

The room was nicely decorated and it is incredibly spacious.

You could feel a positive energy being there. The design of the room is modern and you had everything that you might’ve needed.

What facilities do you have in the room?

You have a coffee machine that will allow you to have an expresso or a cappucino made with Nescafe pods. You have a mini-fridge that will be useful to serve your drinks chilled/store something to eat.

The TV set up was also nice and you could also stream shows.

In front of the TV you had a lovely green couch, as you can see from the photo.
The A/C system is working great and you can use both the warm/cool settings.

The bathroom was one of the strengths of the room because not only it looked good, but it was spacious as well.

How did I get to the hotel?

Easy. I got on the metro (T8) and got down at Green Square station and then I walked for only a minute.

As soon as I arrived I was greeted by J. The reception setup was a bit unconventional (the desk was in some sort of a car body). My first impression was a postive one.

At a 2 minutes walking distance you will find a Woolworths Metro.

If you walk a little further (6-7 mins) you will find another two grocery stores. These are Coles and a bigger Woolworths.

Inside the hotel you will also find a nice restaurant which I didn’t get to try because of my busy schedule.

This hotel also has a gym downstairs right after the reception.

It is open 24/7 but it is a small gym. It does have some bicycles and some weights and also a machine that will allow you to do complex exercises.

What I didn’t expect

At the moment in which I was staying at the hotel, the place wasn’t that crowded and that gave me such a peaceful feeling.

But I am very sure that soon it will get fully booked because of the quality of services the offer.

I would have loved that the breakfast would be served by the hotel and not in partnership with the restaurant downstairs (just for the homey feeling). If you could call it a disatvange, it would be the fact that the hotel is kind of hidden by another hotel and that made it harder to spot the entrance for the first time.

Get organized

Try to book your hotel in advance so that you are not left without any options.

Public transport is very efficient but it has one of the highest fares in the world.

This means that you can book your accommodation further away from the main tourist spots, but you will have to pay a lot on metro/bus/tram fares. Get yourself an Opal card and get exploring.

The daily limit for transport is 16 AUD so after that you won’t have to pay more on that day.

This city can easily become one of your favorites.

It is a city that greets you with positivity and enthusiasm.


Lawyer, at the begining of my career. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t like to travel and this passion for exploring took me to all continents. I am now trying to give back the precious knowledge that came through every learning experience in my lifelong journey.


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