Where to stay in the Dolomites Mountains, South Tyrol

The whole area of the Dolomites mountains is pretty big and incredibly beautiful. The Dolomites are located in South Tyrol most of the area being on the Italy’s landmark.

Being such a spread out area, you will find countless accommodation options varying from budget or type. You can find a good bed and breakfast or a luxurious residency with a SPA. It is all up to you. Or you can choose the city if you would rather not sit in a cottage on top of a hill. Even the refuge that is located on the mountain trails can be an option for an overnight stay.

I have opted for budget type accommodations in various parts of the Dolomites.

I changed my accommodation based on the places that I wanted to see, every 2 nights.

Where to stay in the Dolomites?

I chose to stay in multiple places and to change my accommodation every couple of nights. You could make it work with even one accommodation option if it is very strategically located.

At the first glance, I thought that a holiday here is expensive because of the high accommodation prices and the variety of options, it is no surprise that in Italy these places don’t provide you great comfort. Looking further into it, I realised that almost everywhere, the breakfast is included. That is so important because of the sustained effort that you will have to take in this holiday.

Your itinerary is the most important aspect that you have to consider because of the long distances between one place and another.

It isn’t that easy for me to lay out an ordinary itinerary because it depends very much from which side you are coming to the Dolomites mountains.

Cortina d’Ampezzo

You could look for accommodation near Cortina (where the winter Olympics took place in 1956), which is a truly beautiful place that will remind you of this sports event.

In the area around Cortina the most important places to go to are Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Sorapis Lake, Cinque Torri but also the Falzarego and Giau Pass.

Val Gardena

You could use Val Gardena as your base because around it you will find multiple tourist attractions. I found a very nice option located 15 minutes away from Val Gardena, in Santa Cristina .

In the Val Gardena area there are so many things to see but the main ones would be Seceda at 2500m high, Alpe di Siusi, Carezza Lake, Funes Valley with the church near it called Santa Magdalena and Sella Pass with Passo Gardena.

Where to stay to go to Lake Braies

A little further away, you can find Lake Braies (the one that got famous because of Instagram 😉 just kidding). I booked a room near it because I wanted to reach it early in the morning. In the day that we went to Braies, we stayed at Renzler near Dobaccio. I would recommend for you to choose this place as well. If you book your stay in the area, you can also see the Dobaccio lake which is also beautiful.

A less popular route

Staller Pass – Amazing experience

I didn’t find too much information on Staller pass. It is a serpent road which is quite picturesque and that will take you all the way to Austria. Going this way would be a great way to end your day after seeing Braies Lake.

In the area you will also find Puster Valley. A very beautiful road but also quite narrow! You have to pay attention when taking the curbs.

What other options do you have?

If you don’t find rooms available in the symbol cities of the area which are Val Gardena, Cortina or Ortisei, you could take a look at Selva, Calfosch, Corvara, San Ciascian, Costadedoi, Badia or La Villa which are good budget options as well.

I have stayed in Badia and I enjoyed it very much, I even wrote an article about the hotel that I chose to stay at.

What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

Would you rather don’t go on holiday than to choose a poorer place to stay? Hop on Instagram and let’s talk about it more!


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