Accommodation in the Dolomites Mountains, Italy – your perfect place to stay

I always do some research before booking a room or a place to stay during my travels. Things go right in your holiday when you have a good accommodation option. That doesn’t mean breaking the bank for a one night stay at a hotel/an apartment. As a result, you will have a bigger budget to spend on things that matter the most. The same thing applies to finding an accommodation in the Dolomites Mountains.

Me just sitting in the kitchen and enjoyinh my first day of staying here

How should an accommodation be?

Because not everyone has plenty of time to travel, you need to find that accommodation option that will allow you to move easily around the area.

Anyone that knows me knows that I always go for a buget value accommodation because realistically speaking, you are going on a holiday to spend more time outside than inside.

You need to decide on a home-base if you plan to visit the Dolomites. That will help you not to waste time. The base will have to be near the places that you wish to visit and be well suited to your way of getting around. If you travel by car or you wish to use public transport, you will have to adjust accordingly.

Where to stay in the Dolomites Mountains?

In the Dolomites the public transport system is getting better and better.

Ortisei and Val Gardena are well-known and they are true symbols of the region. Because of that, they are quite expensive. Therefore, even if they both could be an excellent base, I decided to choose something else. I decided to pick a smaller city nearby those two I have already mentioned, as my home-base for 3 days.

Santa Cristina is a comune located between Ortisei and Val Gardena, surrounded by meadows and mountain peaks.

What did I book?

An image from the outside of this property during winter time

I have found on Booking.com a great place to stay at an incredible good price. It was located in the center of Santa Cristina village, next to a supermarket and many restaurants.

Residence Villa Genziana

I stayed at Villa Genziana, which has been recently renovated and it became, as the owners say, a dream come true. This accommodation has modern accents mixed with the traditional feel of the area. There are 5 different apartments to choose from, based on your needs.

The massive impact made by the impresdive kitchen, it looks modern and expensive

Being a family owned business, Villa Genziana, has something special about it. If you are travelling by car, Villa Genziana has quite a few parking spots available.

Another reason to choose this place is because breakfast is included. Our host was very welcoming and made sure that we had everything we needed during our stay.

Apartment Tubla

I stayed in apartment number 1, Tubla room.

Having entered the apartment, I immediately knew that I was going to have a pleasant stay.

This is the room were I have slept in, this room has big windows and nice ambient lights

There was plenty of space in the apartment as it had two bedrooms and a kitchen that had everything you would need to cook and enjoy a lovely meal.

It would be a good choice even for families or groups of friends because there is enough space to fit everyone.

The view from here was relaxing to watch while cooking or enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning. If you travel a lot, you know that some hosts/hotels are trying to cut some costs when it comes to heating and lighting. This accommodation was quite the opposite. The windows were big and they surrounded the entire apartment. At night you could relax in a large and comfortable bed.

Everything can’t be perfect, can’t it?

The apartment also had a balcony but the view wasn’t great. There was some construction work for another building that was blocking any kind of view.

The one thing that I would replace would be the pillows because they were too small for the size of the bed and the room. That would definitely increase the comfort in the room if you were to sleep or just relax by watching some tv.

Spacious bathroom with everything you need
Good quality products are being used in the shower cabin

When talking about how clean the place was, it came with no surprise that every corner was very well looked after. You could not even see a little bit of dust. Our host knew that cleanliness was incredibly important to an accommodation facilty.

The bathroom was designed nicely and it had a modern shower cabin. You had enough towels to last throughout your stay and there were plenty bottles of shower gel and hair shampoo. You also had a great hair dryer.

What can you see in the area?

The Dolomites Mountains

From here you have two ways can go to Seceda.

You have the cable car service called Seilbahn from Ortisei and you have the second option wich is called Col Raiser which is actually cheaper.

Alpe di Siusi is another must-see location when you are in the Val Gardena area.

Amazing view of Seceda Mountain

Knowing the region very well, the owner will help you build a better itinerary than an agency would. This is one of the best accommodation in the Dolomites Mountains.

Check the dates available and book your Dolomites roadtrip because it is one of the most spectacular regions in Europe.

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